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KORG PA600 MY 61-Keys Arranger Keyboard with Malaysian Styles (PA600MY / PA-600 MY / PA-600MY)

RM 3,481.75

Music keyboards, known for their powerful functionality, have been long-established to contain various conventional tones such as piano, strings, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. And it is these tones that directly shape and influence the very songs that we listen to today.

Now, imagine if we could empower our local musicians and composers with a new set of comprehensive traditional instrument sounds and musical styles that inspires and preserves decades of Malaysia’s rich musical history for the next generation.

Introducing the new Korg Pa600MY Professional Arranger.

Sounds that we can call our own.

As part of our ongoing commitment to promote local music in Malaysia, we have created a keyboard that encompasses the traditional instruments sounds, as well as musical styles that define the music and culture of our three ethnic races - Malay, Chinese and Indian. This is a feat that has never been done before – until now.

The Pa600MY is a state-of-the-art arranger keyboard that features a huge collection of quality sounds and realistic backing accompaniments that is ideal to be used at home or on the stage. Working with the latest technology from Korg’s highly-acclaimed series of arranger keyboards, the Pa600MY will be based on the hugely popular Pa600 and feature over 950 fully editable sounds as well as more than 360 pre-loaded music styles that includes traditional instrument sounds from the Malay, Chinese and Indian community. It also features an intuitive 7” touchscreen colour display and two 15-Watt speakers for sound amplification. The Pa600MY also comes with 4 stereo master effects and supports playback of a variety of formats like MIDI, KAR and MP3.

List of ethnic instruments

The Pa600MY features more than 30 amazing ethnic instrument sounds unique to our Chinese, Malay and Indian communities. Each instrument features multiple sound samples, painstakingly recorded from professional musicians and real live instruments using state-of-the-art recording techniques. Also included is a bonus library of over 40 localised styles unique to the Malay, Chinese and Indian community. From traditional lion dance, Chinese opera and
Mando Pop, to traditional Malay dance such as the Zapin or Joget, and even the Bhangra and Bollywood styles from the Indian community, the Pa600MY combines the musical essence of our three ethnic groups into one keyboard.

And this is only the beginning. A growing library of instrument sounds and styles will continue to be added in the future, and provided as a free DLC (Downloadble Content) to existing users of the Pa600MY.


• Cak Lengpong Percussion (Brass-Mallet Family)
• Angklung Percussion (Wooden)
• Kompang Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
• Seruling Wind Instrument (Flute Family)
• Rebana Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
• Malay Gong Percussion (Brass-Mallet Family)
• Marwas Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
• Serunai Wind Instrument (Flute Family)
• Gendang Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)


• Gu Zheng Plucked Strings (Zither Family)
• Pi Pa Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
• Liu Qin Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
• San Xian Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
• Ruan Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
• Er Hu Bowed Strings (Huqin Family)
• Yang Qin Hammered Strings (Chinese Dulcimer Family)
• Di Zi Wind Instrument (Flute Family)
• Jing Bo Percussion (Cymbals Family)
• Xiao Luo / Jing Luo Percussion (Gong Family)
• Ban Gu Percussion (Wood-Skin Family) 


• Dholak Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
• Mridangam Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
• Nadhaswaram Woodwind (Brass Family)
• Thavil Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
• Veena String Instrument (Plucked Family)

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