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XM Proceed Series ZP-5SR Digital Drums (ZP5SR / ZP 5SR) - FREE Throne, Sticks & Headphones - PRE-ORDER

RM 3,749.90

- Promotion: FREE Headphones, Drum Throne & Sticks (worth RM300). Valid while stocks lasts. T&C apply - 

The XSM-5S module comes equipped with full MIDI capabilities.

◆ The Snare drum has 3 sounds: Hoop, drumhead and
      rimshot. Hoop and drumhead can be programmed
 ◆ The first Tom pad, second Tom pad and Floor Tom pad
      each have one drumhead sound, which can be
      programmed independently.
 ◆ The bass drum has a single drumhead sound.
 ◆ Crash cymbal has both surface and choke functions.
 ◆ Ride cymbal has surface and bell sounds.
 ◆ Drums and cymbals can work together with a Roland
      V-drum module if necessary.
 ◆ Expand your kit, as the drum module supports up to 14
      drums or cymbals.
 ◆ Five different complete drum kits available to play:
      Standard, Jazz, Latin, Dance and Rock.
 ◆ Comes with an extremely user-friendly graphic module
 ◆ The bass drum comes mounted to the unique XM Rack
      Steady Bass Drum System, which ensures no matter
      how hard you play your double bass pedals, it never
 ◆ Including the drummer’s sitting area, this entire eDrum kit
      takes up 120cm x 120cm of space.

About XM - XM e-Drums

XM World aims to be the future world leader in the field of electronic drums. Taiwan is famous for having the best acoustic drum kits across the globe, and now XM e-Drums are following in their predecessors’ footsteps by creating the most realistic touch, sound, and feel on an electronic drum kit.

XM e-Drums have been meticulously engineered by drumming professionals to emulate the ‘real’ drumming experience. This is what separates XM from the rest of the electric drum competition. Our competitors consistently focus on digital sounds and functions, while XM World attempts to re-create a true acoustic drumming experience within a digital format. The result is a real ‘combat’ drumhead feel, or ‘real feel’ as we like to call it.

XM’s mission is multi-faceted, but a large part of our interest has always been in drum practice and education. The key is to be able to practice in a quiet environment on headphones, and then be able to crossover to a real drum kit on the stage with as little effort as possible.

This is because XM knows real drummers want to perfect their own unique drumming style, as opposed to simply having more digital effects to play around with. Our belief is digital drums should be just as effective in increasing a drummer’s professional skills as a real drum kit.

E-drums should be able to help you learn to drum better. One area XM electronic drum kits have excelled where counterparts have failed is in re-creating the feel of a real drum kit. Plus, XM is the first company to use electronic drum mesh head sizes ranging from 10” to 22” in diameter. Standard sizes like 12”, 13”, 14”, 16” and 22” drum heads are used, but also 10” (Latin or jazz style), 18”, and 20” jazz sizes can be used to create a unique drum set.

What does this mean for drummers? It means you can customise and alter your e-Drum set, just as you would with a real drum kit. XM thinks like real drummers. We know how important it is to create your own look, sound, and feel with your drums.

XM Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skins

XM World hasn’t stopped there. We have now created revolutionary XM Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skin trigger systems that can be used in conjunction with a normal drum hoop. You can add the mesh head to any drum you like, no matter how cheap it is, and turn it into a great sounding drum. Your drum just needs to look good; our unique mesh head design takes care of the sound!

XM Touchscreen Drum Module

As XM’s state of the art touchscreen drum module allows you to download any drum sound via WAV file from your computer (another world first!), it means your old drum shell can be transformed into a beautiful sounding drum. XM mesh heads also allow you the option of simultaneously mixing a real drum sound with any other sound you like, for example, a bass guitar.

The XM Drumming Experience

XM e-Drums let drummers practice quietly when they live in a high-density population zone, but if wanting to play loud, the sound emitted from the specially designed fallback speaker (either the XMP8 or the XMP12) is crisp, clear, and true to its natural sound. All XM electronic components are made in Taiwan to the highest quality standards.

If you’re looking for a drum kit that fits in a small area, want to have totally different drum sounds for a diverse range of songs, or simply want to perfect your drumming skills without irritating the neighbours, XM World e-Drum sets and XM Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skins are for you. XM digital drums sound, feel, and look just like natural drums. You are going to have to play them to believe it

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